April Spotlight

| Jewelry Styles

While we recognize that April is, officially, diamond month (I mean, really, what month isn’t... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Empriyal

| Jewelry Profiles

With a legacy of over 45 years in cutting and polishing natural emeralds, Empriyal is... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Sonya K

| Jewelry Profiles

New York City-based designer, Sonya Konstantinovsky, offers wearable luxury with her fine jewelry collection, Sonya... Read More

The Color of Love

| Jewelry Profiles

We all know that the December holidays (Christmas and Hanukah) comprise the biggest jewelry shopping... Read More

Ringing in 2023!

| Jewelry Studies

Happy New Year! We hope you had a prosperous holiday selling season, and that you... Read More

2022 Holiday Recap

| Jewelry Studies

While projections for jewelry sales for the holidays were tempered compared to last year, and... Read More

December Company Spotlight

| Jewelry Profiles

The two companies featured in this month’s Company Spotlight are demonstrative of the benefits our... Read More

Company Spotlight: Sakura Hoseki

| Jewelry Profiles

Founder of Sakura Hoseki, Saransh Mehta, began shadowing his father on business calls at a... Read More

Company Spotlight: Nava Dee by AOD

| Jewelry Profiles

Anyone on the hunt for classic and sophisticated jewelry that appeals to a modern-day style... Read More

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