October Spotlight: From Current to...

| Jewelry Studies

While consumers are only just now seeing store shelves stocked with pumpkin themed decorations and... Read More

September Spotlight: Industry Asso...

| Jewelry Profiles

As our roster of outstanding manufacturers, brands and designers who will be exhibiting at our... Read More

August Spotlight: Black Business M...

| Jewelry Studies

As established in 2020, August is officially Black Business Month. Created to inspire awareness of... Read More

Barbie @ JA New York

| Jewelry Styles

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that we are currently in... Read More

June Spotlight: Wedding Style

| Jewelry Styles

June is a notable month for several reasons—the first month of summer, Pride month, Juneteenth... Read More

May Spotlight

| Jewelry Styles

May Day baskets, spring flowers and Taurus season all come to mind when the calendar... Read More

April Spotlight

| Jewelry Styles

While we recognize that April is, officially, diamond month (I mean, really, what month isn’t... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Empriyal

| Jewelry Profiles

With a legacy of over 45 years in cutting and polishing natural emeralds, Empriyal is... Read More

Designer Spotlight: Sonya K

| Jewelry Profiles

New York City-based designer, Sonya Konstantinovsky, offers wearable luxury with her fine jewelry collection, Sonya... Read More

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