Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware that we are currently in the midst of Barbie Mania! Thanks to rave movie reviews following a months-long marketing campaign, the influence of Barbie’s perennially buoyant aesthetic is far-reaching. In her recent Trend Report for COUTURE entitlted “Barbiecore,” Marion Fasel of The Adventurine illustrates the ways in which Barbieland has manifested in fine jewelry. Summarizing the overall aesthetic, she writes, “At its best, the look is bold, bright with big-big-big hair, heels and accessories, keeping in line with the tribute to the iconic Mattel toy and the underlying satirical tone of director Greta Gerwig’s production.”

At our JA New York events, we are always thrilled to see a comprehensive selection of jewelry that embody any number of trends. From colorful cocktail rings and stacking bands to medallion pendants in Barbie’s favorite color to collar necklaces to sweet hearts, we’re thrilled to highlight some bold pieces that would be perfectly at home in Barbie’s closet.