Founded Elvinna Brion, La Maison d’Evolette is an expression of this designer’s passion for gemstones. Favoring less well known gemstones, Elvinna is drawn to the nuances of their unique properties. Her designs are specifically created to highlight the natural beauty of the gems with which she works, showcasing the beauty of inclusions and variations of color. Marrying gemstones with more delicate designs, she creates pieces that tell a story through details, colors and materials with the unique features of the gems ensuring every piece is inherently one-of-a-kind.

Elvinna utilizes unexpected color and gemstone combinations throughout the La Maison d’Evolette collections. Mixing turquoise and Amazonite with pink quartz and freshwater pearls creates a fresh, playful vibe, while the combination of tigers eye, drusy quartz and jasper evokes a more sophisticated feel. Her pieces are perfectly suited to a classic, little black dress while also complementing some of today’s most contemporary trends.   

Elvinna ensures that all of her jewelry is handmade, with the intentions of designer and craftsmen imbued in each and every piece, extending those sentiments to the wearer of her work. La Maison D’Evolette is carried at physical retail outlets throughout Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia. She also has multiple online markets, including Etsy International, which has introduced the brand to a global market.