Founder of Nadha Jewelry, Redy Pelita, has been mesmerized by the beauty of natural gemstones from a young age. She started designing as a hobby, but her elegant silhouettes coupled with high-quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship attracted an increasing number of clients. Redy quickly realized she had a penchant business and an acumen for design so in 2018, she launched Nadha Jewelry.

Redy strives to inspire confidence in the women who adorn themselves in her work. Utilizing only sustainably sourced pearls and exquisite natural gemstones, she combines these with intricate elements crafted in precious metals, resulting in breathtaking pieces that inspire awe. Faceted rubies strung alongside baroque pearls, or lapis lazuli mixed with freshwater cultured pearls evoke bold statements of confidence, and the unique combination of gemstones sets the Nadha Jewelry collector apart. The work is sophisticated and refined and is created to be worn every day, and also passed down through generations.

Nadha Jewelry often partners with Indonesian fashion designers for events, elevating the catwalk with bold jewelry crafted in precious metals and gemstones. With a commitment to sustainability, the brand is mindful of supporting artisans and craftspeople at all stages of the jewelry ecosystem.