New York City-based designer, Sonya Konstantinovsky, offers wearable luxury with her fine jewelry collection, Sonya K. Sonya was motivated to launch her brand based on her deep love and appreciation of colored gemstones, which began with her discovery of Tsavorite. This exceptional gemstone, which, in fine specimens, displays a mystical, forest green color, was referred to as “the Rolls Royce of the Green” by Henry Platt, the former Chairman and CEO of Tiffany & Co, who gave the gemstone its name. Her introduction to Tsavorite led to her immersion in the gemstone market and the rainbow of beauty it offered.

A self-taught artist, in her hands-on experience with gemstones, Sonya also fell in love with spinel, chrysoberyl, mandarin garnet, rubellite and all of the amazing color spectrum of tourmalines. She noticed that many of these stones were not very common in the U.S. market, and so she started Sonya K. to offer people the opportunity to discover these beautiful gems. Recognizing that in today’s world, we are constantly on the move, she focused on creating modern, versatile, wearable and timeless pieces.

In order to accommodate fast-paced lives, many of her pieces transform on the go, like the brand’s signature TAYLOR necklace, which transforms from a tennis necklace into a more elevated look. Additionally, the brand designs pieces that seamlessly work together, so one can build a beautiful jewelry collection that is an expression of one’s personal style. 

“I want to empower you through beautiful, minimalistic designs with vibrant gemstones,” Sonya explains. “I want people to wear their jewelry; your beautiful pieces are meant to shine and should not be kept in jewelry boxes for special occasions only!” With a commitment to exquisite craftsmanship that enhances the inherent beauty of the exceptional stones with which she works, Sonya’s pieces display a permanence which renders her work heirloom quality. Leveraging a wealth of experience obtained through her background in the financial field, she is also mindful of the investment value of her work, and she hand-selects each of her stones to meet these exacting standards.