Designer Julie Lamb has been honing her design skills since she was a child stringing together beads, nuts, bolts, keys and anything that wasn’t nailed down! After studying at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan, Julie went on to earn her BFA in Metalsmithing at Syracuse University, before starting her career designing collections for companies large and small. In 2014, Julie took a leap of faith and launched her eponymous collection, which playfully merges traditional craftsmanship with new technology and encourages its wearers to express their individuality. We’ve been long-time fans of Julie’s work and we’re delighted to welcome her to JA New York’s Spring event so we can ogle all of her impeccably constructed pieces in person!

JA New York: 5 words that best describe your brand DNA?

Julie Lamb: FUN, metropolitan, empowering, clever, substantial 

JA New York: What’s your trade show uniform?

JL: A jumpsuit, preferably in color but cannot clash with my logo. Footwear depends on the venue, sneakers are my default setting!

JA New York: Go-to news source?

JL: Does Instagram count? If not then The Skimm. 

JA New York: Guilty pleasure?

JL: So hard to choose… not much for guilt. Reality TV. Almost any show- even the really, really embarrassing ones!

JA New York: Tech must-have?

JA: No reception, no Lammy. Must be able to use my iPhone or I’m not going. 

JA New York: Favorite Cities?

JL: NYC, Florence, Barcelona, LA, Montreal 

JA New York: Your most prized possession?

JL: My network. The people and experiences I’ve collected throughout my career in the jewelry industry. I rely on them everyday. 

JA New York: If you had a Super Power it would be….?

JL: I do! I can draw. It’s like communicating in another language. Very helpful. Being able to fly would be awesome though… 

JA New York: You have a one-way ticket, you’re going…?

JL: To Italy. Ciao. Ci vediamo dopo. 

JA New York: Won’t leave home without ___________?

JL: The charger for my iPhone, see #5; Fine point Pentel RSVP pens in black; 24 hour lip color (Revlon); Backpack

JA New York: Dream celebrity client?

JL: Cindi Lauper (She’s So Unusual); Queen Latifah (royalty); Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B.) 

JA New York Spring is taking place March 10-12 at the Jacob Javits Center, click here to register to attend!