Following Drew Lawsky’s retirement last month, I’m delighted to announce that Drew’s long-time colleague, JA New York’s Global Accounts Manager, and the heart and soul of our events, Tobi Smith, will take over introducing our monthly Company Spotlights. As everyone in this community knows, Tobi’s passion for our exhibiting partners, her love of all things jewelry and her genuine care for the well-being of every one of you is evident in everything she does. We’re excited to hear directly from her and get her perspective on our featured companies each month.


Gannon Brousseau

EVP, Emerald

We are really excited to highlight the companies featured in this month’s Spotlight! While they have very different aesthetics, these two profiles are a great example of the depth and variety of jewelry that can be found at our JA New York events. A family-owned business, KGM Industries has been creating spectacular, diamond and colored gemstone-intensive jewelry for over 25 years. The company is dedicated to continually creating the most in-demand looks in jewelry, and to providing their customers with the highest-quality customer service. B. Tiff creates bold pieces using innovative techniques and materials. Utilizing surgical stainless steel, Alternative Stones and Tension Setting, the brand offers a contemporary look that is crafted with ethical and sustainable practices and minimal environmental impact. Each of these brands appeal to a broad range of jewelry buyers and offering your clients the breadth and quality of their product can help set your store apart.

Tobi Smith

Global Accounts Manager

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