May Day baskets, spring flowers and Taurus season all come to mind when the calendar marks the month of May, but the biggest event of the month is arguably Mother’s Day! For many retailers and brands who sell direct to consumers, Mother’s Day is the second biggest selling holiday of the year, which feels, well, obvious. No gift expresses deep sentiments more effectively than fine jewelry, and who’s more worthy of being the recipient of this showcase of affection than one’s mother (or the mother of one’s children)?!

We speak often to fine jewelry experts who advise us on what pieces are essential for a proper jewelry wardrobe. Back in April of 2020, we spoke to Elizabeth Anne Bonanno of The EAB Project who laid out the 6 wardrobe staples every woman needs. In this article for U.S. Antique Show, she highlights classics like diamond studs or diamond hoop earrings, a great cocktail ring and a fabulous timepiece. More recently, Alissa Jacob of Stacked X Reservoir, a concierge fine jewelry retailer, shared her opinion on building a jewelry wardrobe. Her advice mirrored much of what Elizabeth stated but she elaborated, “I tend to lean towards working on everyday stacks of necklaces, bracelets and rings, and from there you add your dress up and special event jewelry which would be bigger, more statement pieces….Your goal as a collector is to get those staples over time.”

JA New York events are traditionally replete with staples and essentials, and many of our exhibiting designers, brands and manufacturers have perfect pieces for moms on Mother’s Day. Whether helping her get a start on a classic collection, or building on what she already has, any of these pieces are sure to delight and become future heirlooms that can be passed down through generations.