Designer Linda Hoj has had an affinity for jewelry since her childhood when she began to revere the transformative power of the perfect accessory. Her lifelong pursuit of craftsmanship and undeniable appreciation for the finest materials come to life in her soulfully feminine collection that blends modern artistry with ancient techniques. Linda’s meticulously handcrafted collection will be a welcome addition to the New Designer Gallery at our upcoming JA New York Spring event.

JA New York: My style muses are….

Linda Hoj: My two girls, Amanda and Zoe. They are each their own version of a classic beauty with an interesting edge.

JA New York: The difference between style and trend is…

LH: Style is something developed through years of trial, error, experience and learning. It is an individualistic, timeless and ever-evolving entity that slowly incorporates the preferences and growing knowledge of the artist. Conversely, trends are momentary and rarely speak to lasting individual preferences.

JA New York: In five words, how would you define your design aesthetic?  

LH: Unique; intricate; elegant; graceful; handmade

JA New York: What are your top 5 studio essentials?

LH: My hands, magnification glasses, a torch, gold and music

JA New York: I’m always inspired by….?

LH: Gems, nature, history, architecture, fashion, art, music, politics, the list goes on and on; inspiration is everywhere!

JA New York: What is your favorite piece that you’ve ever designed?

LH: My niece’s wedding ring. It was a great experience to design and craft something beautiful that fit her personality and style with just the right amount of sparkle. It is something she will cherish forever.

JA New York: In thinking about exhibiting in the New Designer Gallery, what are you most excited about? What are you most nervous about? 

LH: I am most excited about showing my jewelry and meeting others in the industry and most nervous about being prepared and knowing what to say.