Designer Eve Streicker of Original Eve has an incredible foundation of knowledge in the fine jewelry industry. Her experience working with established maisons, in museum and auction house settings, and as a buyer of estate jewelry, coupled with multiple certifications from GIA, has served to enhance her appreciation for the art of jewelry design. With a deep appreciation for gemstones and pearls, Eve creates pieces that are inspired by a love of storytelling and travel.

JA New York: The difference between style and trend is…

Eve Streicker: Style is internal and trend is external. Style is something that comes from you—It’s a form of expression and can be in what you wear or even how you carry yourself. Trend is something that is fleeting, focused on fashion, and prescribed by others.

JA New York: In five words, how would you define your design aesthetic?

ES: Organic; eclectic; versatile; practical; innovative

JA New York: What are your top 5 studio essentials?

ES: A giant glass of water, a podcast playing, bright light, a plant on my desk, and my computer.

JA New York: I’m always inspired by….?

ES: Travel. My New Years Resolution for the last three years has been to get out of the city at least once every six weeks because beautiful natural landscapes feed me. My collections are based on landscapes I have visited while traveling. It might be a texture, a form, or a theme that’s prevalent throughout a culture that serves as the basis for a piece. I use images and feelings from travel and transform them into jewelry that can be worn and enjoyed for longer than the travel experience.

JA New York: What is your favorite piece that you’ve ever designed? 

ES: During my very first jewelry course, I made a silver chain with interlocking puddle-like forms that can be fastened at a variety of lengths. It’s still one of my favorite pieces to wear—it’s bold, lightweight, and has a beautiful jingle!

JA New York: In thinking about exhibiting in the New Designer Gallery, what are you most excited about? What are you most nervous about?

ES: I’m so excited to get more eyes on my work and meet people for potential collaboration in the future. During my previous exhibitions, Mother Nature has gotten in the way, so I am a bit nervous she will throw a snowstorm at us or somehow prevent people from being able to attend! Fingers crossed…