Prior to launching their collection in 1999, the founders of B. Tiff had a vision for jewelry they wanted to see in the marketplace. They wanted pieces that were comfortable, fashionable, timeless and enduring, and that were created with ethically and environmentally sustainable practices. When they didn’t see exactly what they were seeking, they set out to establish the B. Tiff brand, convinced that they would find like-minded customers who were as committed as they were to the same standards of beauty and ethics.

After a long period of research, the company settled on utilizing surgical stainless steel throughout their collection. This choice was based on the metal’s hypoallergenic quality, sustainability, lasting metallic shine and low-to-no-maintenance characteristics. They also determined that they would incorporate certified Moissanites and high-quality Alternative Stones into their pieces, ensuring that the brilliance of the stones will maintain their luster for generations to come. All of B. Tiff jewelry is made to be worn every day and can sustain the wear and tear inherent in contemporary lifestyles.

B. Tiff often employs the revolutionary “Tension Set” technique, which applies 200-pound force to suspend the stones securely within the piece, giving the appearance that the gemstone is floating and maximizing its brilliance. Many pieces throughout the brand’s prolific collections are gender neutral, and appeal to a wide range of tastes and style sensibilities. From black stud earrings to bold gold-toned cuffs, the company’s distinct, state-of-the-art approach to jewelry fabrication is apparent, and their dedication to impeccable functionality and craftsmanship has earned the brand a dedicated following of collectors.