Founder and President of Bella Gem, Frank Circelli, has a passion for colored gemstones that he relishes sharing with the world. His love for gemstones began at a young age, when he showcased a keen interest in minerals, fossils and natural sciences. As an adult, Mr. Circelli earned his graduate gemology degree before being personally trained by one of the most well-respected master gem cutters in America. With this extensive training, he went on to open his own gemstone business, often traveling to remote areas to buy directly from mine owners, ultimately putting himself in harm’s way in extremely volatile environments.

It was with this enduring passion that Mr. Circelli, in 1984, began cutting his own gemstones and started his wholesale business. Here, he immediately discovered his love for sharing his knowledge with his clients and the industry at large, and began establishing industry pricing guidelines that offer clarity and transparency in the gemstone buying process.

The strict set of standards that Mr. Circelli adopted based on his years of experience have become the guiding principles under which Bella Gem continues to operate today. The company sources both rough and cut gemstones from around the globe and takes painstaking efforts to select only the finest gems available. While the company caters to gemstone collectors and designers interested in obtaining museum-quality gemstones, they also offer their own designer line of finished jewelry under The Cirecelli Collection label. In all facets of its business, Bella Gem remains committed to the tenet to “Tell the truth, share knowledge and give customers the best deal they ever got in gems and jewelry!”