Since it was established in 1975, Manak Jewels has been a go-to destination for those seeking rare, hard-to-find fancy color and uniquely cut diamonds. With a passion for sourcing only the finest quality briolette, hexagon, bead, rose cut and old mine diamonds, as well as a rainbow of fancy colored and salt and pepper diamonds, the company prides itself on offering the greatest value in these rare, exclusive stones. The exacting curation of Manak Jewels’ offerings showcases a true artistry within the loose diamond world.

While white diamonds are more widely understood and celebrated, fancy colored diamonds are among the rarest and most exclusive gems in the world. Available in every color of the spectrum, colored diamonds exhibit an other-worldly quality, where the light refraction that is only possible in a diamond plays off the colors that developed naturally, deep within the earth’s surface. Including fancy colored diamonds in one’s offerings provides designers and retailers a like the opportunity to wow their clients with spectacular pieces that incite awe and wonder.

In addition to fancy colored diamonds, uniquely cut diamonds appeal to jewelry enthusiasts who want to stand apart from the crowd. While these stones may be more readily available in the antiques market, they are difficult to source for use in contemporary collections. And while they excel in loose diamonds, Manak also offers a wide array of finished jewelry staples, such as ever-popular diamonds by the yard. Establishing a relationship with Manak Jewels at JA New York events can help designers and retailers set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace; the company’s long-standing reputation for integrity and quality ensures a solid foundation of education for anyone wanting to break into this unique category of fine jewelry.