D’PEARL Founder, Mrs. Suanthy, draws on her breadth of knowledge of both seawater and freshwater pearls as well as her love of fashion in the creation of her elegant and sophisticated designs. While she established the brand in 2013, Mrs. Suanthy had long been drawn to designing jewelry. Looking to complement the latest fashion trends, she would create pieces that would always capture the attention of those around her. She amassed a loyal clientele of fashionable women who began special ordering her designs and soon, what she once considered a hobby had evolved into a business.

D’PEARL’s pieces are elegant and sophisticated. Utilizing a wide variety of pearls, from baroque to keshi to round, from freshwater to saltwater to Tahitian, Mrs. Suanthy’s designs embody a wide range of aesthetics. The company can be relied upon to create the most exceptional classic pieces like pearl studs and strands, while also offering more avant-garde styles like cascading earrings and multi-strand bracelets with metalwork clasps. The brand also incorporates diamonds and other precious gems into their collections, creating symmetry with round diamonds and pearls, or juxtaposing faceted stones with baroque shaped pearls.

All pieces that carry the D’PEARL name meet the highest possible standards of both materials and manufacturing. With a commitment to sustainability, the brand is invested in empowering the people with whom they work to ensure they perfect their craft and safeguard their well-being. Mrs. Suanthy strives to be a leader in pearl jewelry manufacturing, and become a trusted source both locally and internationally.