With a legacy of over 45 years in cutting and polishing natural emeralds, Empriyal is considered a pioneer in the industry. Hailing from India, they procure ethically mined emerald rough from a variety of emerald mines from across the globe such as Zambia and Brazil, and manufacture a wide range of products including faceted, cabochon, carvings, beads and tumbles in all shapes and sizes.

The power couple who has been instrumental in ensuring emerald’s ongoing appeal to a contemporary collector are Priya and Navneet Maheshwari. Together, they have brought to life a unique brand concept by blending luxury with practicality. Priya is the connoisseur who runs the atelier and defines Empriyal’s distinct aesthetic. Born into a business-oriented family, Priya has always been drawn towards building new opportunities that cater to the needs of consumers. From designing to understanding the complex needs of a modern woman, she has become the brains and venerable voice behind the new generation of unstoppable women who do not want to limit their jewelry to special occasions.

Navneet’s keen eye for colored gemstones has been honed throughout his life. Raised amidst the green sparkle, he often quips that he has emeralds flowing through his veins. After completing his education from Boston University, Navneet moved to New York City to get hands on experience working in international markets, before eventually settling back in Jaipur to further grow the family business. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, he is uniquely positioned to work with Priya to make natural colored gemstone jewelry accessible in all price points and, in the process, create timeless pieces that can be passed down through generations.