Ara 24 Collection began over two decades ago with two brothers, Ali Riza Akdolu and Cuneyt Akdolu, at a small jewelers bench in Bodrum, Turkey. The brothers take pride in the quality and workmanship of each piece they create, which is produced by hand in a small workshop in Turkey, with each coil manually shaped.

The prolific Ara 24 Collection is inspired by the rich history of ancient Anatolian civilizations, and the beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. The brand’s rich, graceful designs are created with a bold and confident woman in mind, and their designs pay homage to the gemstones with which they work. Their designs are crafted in the warm hue of pure, 24k gold, as well as the sleek, gunmetal gray color of oxidized silver, establishing a stunning backdrop for captivating gemstones like opals, moonstones, amethysts, sapphires and emeralds.

Symbolism is abundant throughout the Ara 24 Collection, with evil eyes protecting the wearer, totems serving as a quiet expression of one’s beliefs, and the incorporation of ancient coins signifying longevity. During times of uncertainty, the talismanic properties of jewelry can provide a much-needed source of comfort, making Ara 24’s pieces the perfect representation of self-care.