At our JA New York Summer show last month, both current and collectable pieces were spotted on the show floor in abundance. Several of our attending retailers kept a digital diary of their days at the show, reporting via Instagram in real time some of the pieces they were picking up to fill their cases. A few of the highlights they showcased included paper clip pieces, cuff bracelets and 1970’s inspired jewelry. Rings were also a hot seller—from “rings for every finger” as reported by A.M. Jewelers in Clark, New Jersey, to stackable rings, modern versions of signet rings and wedding bands utilizing alternative materials. Retailers were also drawn to a wide array of jewelry with meaning, like heart shapes, sentimental charms and personalized pendants.

Our own observation of trending jewelry was in alignment with what our retailers shared, with a few key comments and an addition or two. Stackable rings were everywhere, and they remain one of our favorite looks. The versatility of wearing bands in a variety of widths with a mix of embellishments allows the wearer to express their individual style sensibility through adornment. Another bold statement could be found in vast selection of always popular cocktail rings. Bright and vibrant gemstones worn singularly or in combination with other rings can be the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble, and colored gemstones have the added benefit of speaking to jewelry wearers on a deeply personal level.

Another trend that’s been on the rise for the past few years and continues to build momentum are diamond tennis necklaces. Worn choker-style or slightly longer, sometimes incorporating colored gemstone details, this look is elegant and sophisticated while also looking fresh and youthful; these pieces represent a unique opportunity to ingratiate a younger clientele into wearing diamonds. Speaking of sophisticated, classic pieces such as colored gemstone collar necklaces, while we wouldn’t consider a “trend,” never cease to take our breath away, especially when crafted using one of the “big 3’s,” sapphires, rubies or emeralds.

Link bracelets and necklaces are another classic look that feels perpetually relevant and are beautiful when incorporated into a wrist stack of bangles or layered with other necklaces. Jewelry with meaning began to gain in popularity at the start of the pandemic, and it’s a trend that’s so ubiquitous that at this point, it qualifies as a classic. And of course, we saw plenty of lab grown offerings at the last JA New York Show, both in loose stones and finished jewelry, a testament to their fortitude in the marketplace.